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Imo Free Video Calls and Chat Download now for free!

Are you searching imo free video calls and chat? need to download the imo app? Yes! you have been reached a correct place :) Here is available the imo for Android, imo apk download and other all the tips and tricks for this Android and Android O app is now listed and excellently describe in this mega-article. So don't worry! read this article and download your favorite free online audio, video, chatting and messaging ‍app.

imo app download

It is the age of modern science and technology. There is a lot modern invention. Mobile Phone is one of them. The invention of a mobile phone is a great invention of modern science. But science can not stop at just the mobile phone. Modern Scientists are also discovering the Smart Phone too!

And, Smart Phone is added a new value to our daily life. Because there are a lot of benefits to using a smartphone.

Benefits of using a smartphone:
Smarts phone to install imo app

High-Quality Network supported such as 4G and 3G. Smartphone support high-quality network signal. As a result, a smart mobile phone user can use a high-speed internet connection via a mobile data network.

This phone has a lot of free usable apps. Such as- Games, Launcher, Themes, Audio Player, Video Player, cooking apps, photography apps and various others apps.
These apps help you every day to easily manage your life's various event.
As a result, there are a lot of smartphone user in our society. There are many smartphone operating system. But some of them are popular, useful and helpful. And, most of them are not able to get popularity. In the terms of popularity, Android Operating system is very popular in the recent world.

Why Android is popular?
Android is another Google product! So I think you have already known why android is popular and day by why android increasing his popularity. Google is the backbone of the internet and online activities. Without Google, we can not imagine a day! Google is the best online based company.
As a result, specialties are always especially recommended for using Android operation System! The user can able to get various or different facilities by using an Android operation system revealed by the Google Inc.

Benefits of using an android operation System Phone:
Firstly, I want to describe to you about the google play store. Google Play Store is an android app store. It has been seen in a survey. There are more than 2.6 (two points six) million apps stored on play store for your Android operating system devices. So users can go to the play store and download apps he wants. Mass of apps is fully free for you download. Not only download and install; free for life also. Like the imo free call app! Using IMO Calling software you can make an audio, video, messaging and chatting with others such as your father, mother, brother, sister, friends or any other family members. And anybody can use this communication app is totally free of charge! So use imo free video calls and chat.

Secondly, anyone can buy an android device is very reasonably priced! So easy for all people in our society.

Thirdly, a user-friendly interface and a fully touchscreen device. So very useful for them all.
Above three hints are the main causes for the increasing popularity of android phone. But free audio video calling apps like- imo free video calls and chat too contributed to give the permanent popularity to android.

Communication apps for Android: Imo free calls and chat

Communication apps for Android

This is the most wonderful and enjoyable section of this heavy weighty and long article! Because a lot of wonderful social communication apps is crowding for your phone on the android app store!
The huge number of chatting, massaging, audio and video calling apps are waiting to install to your favorite smart mobile named Android!

How much audio-video calling apps stored on play store?

The Play Store has a huge amount of apps for making free and full free online based / data connection based calling. These great calling apps are very popular today!
Because users can make a high-quality video call or audio call free of charge!

What is the Popular app for free video calls chat?

A lot amount of totally free video calls chat apps are available. But some of them are very useful, usable, user-friendly and so much popular. IMO, yes Imo is the great, best, heavy performances and most popular imo free video calls and chat app all over the world ever! Because this app is very has a beautiful and awesome user interface and experience. Imo is a very important app to make enjoy an awesome and grateful online based free video calls chat and audio calls with massaging.

What is imo free video calls and chat?

What is imo free video calls and chat

IMO is the fast and world's best free calling software! Imo is made for all platforms. But some of the operating systems are not supported IMO.

Basically, this app is increasing his installs day by day very quickly by the android users. Because Android OS (Operation System) user such as Android mobile user, Android touchpad user etc persons are like to install imo on this favorite smartphone device and other devices.
The man who use this app he cannot leave this imo free video calls chat and apps. Because Imo won his/her heart!

Sometimes these app users arise this questions: What is imo free video calls and chat apps?
But I think Answer is simple :) Imo is the world's most powerful and awesome audio, video, chatting and messaging application and installed on every android devices!

The necessity of imo free video calls and chat in our Daily Life:

Sometimes, we restore our phone. But after restoring; we quickly install imo again! Because we don't want to live a day without this apps!

This is a busy world. And we are busy to develop our career. We always try to correctly use our every monument. Because time and tide wait for none!

As a result, we install the imo app as soon as possible on our devices. Because this online free calling app is protected us from being wast of our valuable time.

A question might arise: But how imo help us to protect wasting time?
Suppose, you are a busy businessman and you need to meet other businessman or friends or family members. But whereas you are a busy business person with managing your business property; so you have no more time to celebrate or meet to others.

So I especially recommended you to, download imo free calls chat on your mobile phone or other mobile devices.
Because this imo software will help you to participate in the important business meeting via the Imo messenger!

Participate in any family program or festival program, using imo free video calls and chat apps:
Not only participate in meetings; Imo video call software also help you to participate any kinds of religious festival or family festival such as your marriage day or other parties! Have you any question? I think, your question is "But why?"

Use imo free video calls to celebrate your personal or familial or religious occasions. Because of this the worlds fast and useful way to join the friends and family occasions for the busy buddies!
Imagine, you are in aboard for the purpose of you good valuable business or an excellent job. Now your family or friend circle's are arranged a new and interested or important program for celebrate with friends and family.

So now what to do?
Have you any smart phone or smart pad? Yes! your device is enough to participate the program and joins with the familial or friends occasion :) . just start to install the Imo app and start the video calling or chatting with your friends. So you have successfully started the program :)
Some peoples are may say me, your above tips are not useful for me. It is not useful for me.
But I want to say them, "Something is better than nothing". So this one sentence is enough to silence the critics :)
Ok, by the way. I want to go my valuable and useful topic for all imo user...

How to install imo free video calls and chat?

It is very easy to install the imo free video calls and chat! If you want to install this free video calling software on your mobile devices. I especially recommended you that; maybe the Android operation system based smart mobile devices is the best and great for using the chatting app.
If you have not an android phone. Just buy an android phone and create a Google Mail (Gmail) ID to sign in on google play store.
install imo free video calls and chat

Without an email id, Android users may be cannot install the apps from the google play store. So it the most important that you need a Gmail ID to install imo free video calls and chat.
So now create a Google mail ID. Remember that, your password is very important too! So note it: while you set up a password on Gmail for android play store app login.

Okay, I think your Gmail id creating has been successfully completed and you have already memorized your mail id and the mail id's password. Our topic is imo free video calls and chats install process. This Gmail id is not required for the imo app installing. Before installing imo video calling app you need to login to play store apk. This Gmail is the compulsory elements to log in to the play store app.

Imo download related video 

[Note Book: if you have created your id from your computer or PC, you have to need to memorize your mail ids and important security documents for next time google play store app login. But if you don't create the id from the personal computer or desktop or you create the play store id (mail id) from your google play store apps. You no need to remember the password and others documents for first time login. But in the next time login, these documents are so much important too. So memorize your google mail important documents such as mail id name, password, security questions, recovery email and recovery mobile phone number also!]

Now power on or switch on your favorite Android-based operating system device. Go to a Start the WiFi hotspot to make a connection to WiFi. Are unable to connect a wifi network? No problem open the data network connection. Before starting the data connection you should buy a data plan first from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). After creating a good and high speedy data connection now...

Login to the play store app for install imo free video calls and chat

imo free video calls and chat login

Touch on the google play store app to open the apk file. This app required the login. So carefully type your mail id (such as yourname[at] and so much carefully type the password on the password input box. If you have provided any kinds of wrong data or information; you can not log in to the store. So after typing the documents carefully check and re-check the information in very mindfully.

Imagine, you have successfully finished the login process and you have now logged in. So type in the search box " imo free video calls and chat" to find our the imo app install on your imo supported device.

After several seconds or minutes (basically, it depended on your speed of internet connection) you will find a lot of imo apps.

But all of the apps are not the original imo app, You should download our organization's official Imo app only. This imo software is released by the imo free video calls and chats Official Organizations. Otherwise, without installing the other app is not recommended for you.

[Note Book: a lot of the duplicate IMO app available in the play store also! So install the real and first app on your android phone. Otherwise, you can't or you will be unable to enjoy the real free audio and video call or chatting experience.]

So, install organizations official imo app. Click on the official organizations imo app from the search results on the play store.

Now you will see a description page of the IMO. Read some description and permissions from the imo download page. Because like other free video calling software app; the imo has needed some permissions from your phone.

So read the full description and all the details from the play store. After finishing the reading this passage. You should read the users reviews and comments from the review and comment system.
Not only imo, you should always read the user thoughts before download or install any kinds of Android apps from the android play store or others apk download website.
Now see some screenshots imo free video calls and chat. Because most there is some fake imo software in the store. So every Android user should see, view, check and re-check the screenshots of the app before downloading or installing every app. It is so much important.
So, check the descriptions, comments, reviews, permissions, app screenshots and others necessary documents.

Imo Free Video Calls and Chat Latest Features

IMO is a chatting and video call app with friend and family. With the internet connection, it cost nothing. The chatting and video call with a distance of friend is unlimited. The features provide IMO has made the conversation more enjoyable. Have a look at the new features of IMO:

Audio and Video Calling: With the IMO app user can make audio and video call both. The voice and view of the call are clear no matter how the distance between the caller. With the high-speed, net connection user can get the best video calling.

Chatting: The catting does not cost too much data uses. Only the chatting cost low data uses than phone calls. On the other hand, the users can choose to change the colour of chatting from the upper right side three dots. From the setting, the users can mute pop up notification and change the ringtone.

Various Emoji: There are hundreds of diverse emoji and stickers. The user can use during chatting. Even in the stories, the user can select emo to react to the stories.

Share Video and Picture: It is easier to share photos and videos on IMO. There is an icon on the chatting screen. Just click the icon, and it will show the images which are on the gallery. For video sharing go to the gallery and select the video to want to share.

Even any PDF file can be shared on the Imo by selecting file share from the chat screen. It is on the below the color change. One can download any picture from settings on the phone storage.

Privacy: IMO is safe and protected. One person, chat history can not know the other person. Should the user doesn’t want to be disturbed by any unwanted person can block him immediately. The icon on the left-hand side below there are many options. The users can manage their accounts and settings from that.

How to Install and Use Imo Free Video Calls and Chat

After successful download, the IMO is ready to use fully. Either the PC format or phone installation the setting and using is very straightforward. Let’s have a quick look at the bottom:

  1. Before beginning provides the user phone number and code that send to the number. 
  2. Then provide a nickname or any name the user like to show on the profile. 
  3. Choose a profile picture to set up on the profile. The user can keep blank it also. 
  4. Now the Imo installed on the phone or PC successfully. Enjoy! 
The Imo will send the notification on the user phone that the contact, r saved person has IMO. The user can start chatting or calling the persons. Even the person doesn’t have IMO the user can send them a notification to invite them. However, the user can use domain his account anyway he likes. He can clear chat history, block or unblock and share the stories with the public.
Finally, install the imo free video calls and chat
After carefully reading the above documents. Now you should finally click on the app install button. The weight of installing imo free video calls and chat is 10 (ten) megabytes only! So it is very easy to download the software and also non-expense for your data plan! But real weight of imo is different with various devices and Android phones software's versions.

It generally required android version 1.0. But recent and updated version is required the minimum 4.0 android operating system or above 4.0 version.

Don't worry, play store apk will automatically read your phone current version! and check the compatibility of your phone version and imo free video calls and chat version. If the version of your phone is old, it automatically downloads and installs the old and compatible version of imo.

Now if you agree with the permissions and others documentations just click on the install button. Now installing will start or run.

It takes several minutes or monuments. Basically, this speed depended on your data speeds. So wait for the finishing installing.

How to create an account on imo free video calls and chat?

World's easiest work. Which is also easy for the children even! I will describe you step by step now. Please follow my instructions below and successfully done the installing of imo free video calls and chat!

After finished the installing open the imo app open the imo software. You can open this video chatting app from the play store. But I not recommended you that, don't open the imo from the play store. Because in you open the software form the play store apk. Your phone may be lost his high performance for few minutes/seconds.
Create an imo free video calls and chat account

Because there opened two (2) apps on your phone one of them is imo free video call & chat and one of them is google play store. This is my may be harmful to your phone. Because it can be reduced or eating your phone speeds. So don't open the imo apk via other apps.

So firstly exit the play store and then open the newly installed apps of video chat. You can find the app in the app list. Also, you can drag or move the imo on your Android's home screen (e.g. Please read the next down to know how to move the icon on your home screen)

Ok! now open the imo app firstly! you will see a welcome screen may be. If don't, no problem. Go next and the user can see an create account option on the imo screen's. Make sure you have a proper data connection or your phone is connected to the internet via wifi or other tethering options such as Bluetooth tethering or others.

Your country may be automatically selected and also you country mobile phone code must be selected auto. Even your network service provider's codes are auto selected!
Now type your remaining mobile numbers. The mobile number you have provided; you should insert the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) of the provided mobile number, before data connection or opening IMO app software.

Make sure again you have a proper data connection. I especially recommended that, go to a 3rd generation internet network (3G) for enjoy a better experience form the free video calling app software.
Now, wait for at last minimum 1 (one) minute or 60 (sixty) minute. Because form the server of imo organization's official website; a verifying message will be sent for your imo account verification and mobile identity verifying.

Not after 1 minute; I think within 30 (thirty) seconds you have received a text message and your imo account must be approved and verification passed if you have typed the mobile number correctly and the mobile number; SIM correctly inserted on your phone.
After passing the verification message, now your imo account is fully activated :) So form now you can use the IMO for free video chat, free Audio call and send message or text. Imo has a lot of emoticons also! using these emoticons you can share your mind condition's very clearly and easily.
In Imo's official server there is a lot of stickers even! Funny, Loving, Laughing, Sad, Animal, various emotional and other lovely, beautiful and wonderful stickers are available. Imo user can use this sticker in totally free of charge!
So Enjoy the worlds most enjoyable free online video chat app for Android.
How to move or create a shortcut of imo free video call and chat on the home screen?
It is very easy to move, drug or create a shortcut no home screen of imo apps. Just touch on the app and hold for 2 (two) seconds. You might be given a vibration and give you a path to move on the home screen. Now imo is available on your home screen and it will be helpful for you. While you are in journey or a busy place; you can open the imo in a little bit short time and worlds easiest way's. Share this info on social media with your friends and family member for help him to learn this long, awesome, mega and helpful tricks! :)

Features of Imo free video call and chat apk

As an excellent online based app to app calling app, imo has a huge of good features. While i was the first time install this app on my favorite phone; I was surprised to see its user interface, audio calling, and video call chat's high quality.
Features of Imo software
  1. Firstly: I want to say that about IMO's weighty! Because it is very beneficiary to reduce the cost of data plan :) Others video call chat apps or software are not simply weighty. The heavy weighty app is costly for download from the Internet. So Imo is the world's best and most low weighty android video calling app!
  2. Secondly: for its low weight, your phone can't slow for this app. Some communication app is more than 30 (thirty) megabytes. Such kinds of the app the not recommended for anyone. Because it is very expensive and for installing the high weight app caused your phone may be slow down. If you install this heavy weighty app; you will be lost your phones operation speed. Heavy weighty apps are reducing android operation system's speed. Because these apps are eating your RAM (random access memory) always.
  3. Thirdly: I emphasize that- If you need to call or communicate to others in privately or anonymously; Imo is the first choice for your safety. Because the Government or other Authorities cannot catch or track your activity. So use imo free video call and chat to make a private audio call, video call chat or sending any kinds of private communicating. [N. B. Please don't use any app or don't do any anti-humanity works. We have shared this tip is only for using at good work. Please do not use this tips against your government. If anyone uses this tricks against any governments or others social community or anti-humanity works, we will not be responsible for it.]
  4. Make HD Quality video calling: In any kinds of network such as 3G (Third Generation), 2G (Second Generation) and EDGE even! IMO's first enjoyable feature is "You can make an HD video call on imo to imo free and in a very low-quality mobile phone network. Most of the apps are not unable to make an HD video call without 3G network. But imo is not like other free video call service app! But in a high-quality network; imo can give you the high performance. So if possible, go to a good network signal quality and 3G network for enjoying a high-performance video call.
  5. Make the high quality free audio call: Imo video call chat is very good for using on a good quality audio call! It not required any high-quality network or very hard quality of network signal. If you are in an edge or 2g network area imo can give you the better performance in the area. Because imo's server is very fast and imo is made in such way that- it converts your voice to reduce the weight in megabytes to kilobytes! But the audio quality is same! As a result, imo can give you a heavy and high-quality HD audio call in a very low-quality network!
  6. Send the message to others: Send the message to you are imo partner unlimited any time and form any place without any kinds of charge. And it is totally free for life.
  7. Make a group Chat or call The special features of imo is- making a group chatting or calling :) User can make a group chatting with his friends and family members. They also can add on the chat of theirs roommate or classmate even!
  8. Easily Images and Videos sharing: Share your funny or lovely monuments with your partner, family members, friends, Colleague, Childhood Classmate, Roommate and others also! And this sharing is easy and 100% free ever!
  9. Stickers: A lot amounts of stickers are awaiting you signup on IMO :) Send One Hundred Plus stickers in free!
  10. Security: Imo convert your pieces of information/data into a cipher/code! Don't understand? Imo is always especially to prevent unauthorized accessing. So call your data is always private :)
  11. Optimized: Imo free video call and chat are specially optimized for the different android devices. So if you want to download and install imo on your Android tablet; It will be automatically optimized him own on your devices! So no tension and install the app :)
  12. Reduce your cell call cost: Imo to Imo calling is free; however it may be data charges apply. But it is safe you valuable money costing for cell phone call and chats!
  13. Using imo is fully free on some mobile networks or internet service provider. But some network is not free. So contact your data service provider to know about charges of using imo.

User Instructions for imo free video calls and chat:

imo app user instructions

  1. Every user should contact his service provider before start using the app. Because maybe your ISP provide free data for the app in full free! But some of ISP is not giving you the opportunity to free using imo. So firstly contact your internet service provider.
  2. If your internet service provider can not give you free data for IMO Free Calls Chat software; you should buy a data plan. Because in you use the app without a data plan; it may be eating and finished your money form your mobile balance. So buy a data plan first and then use the imo app.
  3. Cautions for IMO free video calls and chat user: for We especially recommend- Please don't add or receive any audio or video call from the unknown person. It may be harmful to you or your family or personal life. Because Sometimes your enemy or bad peoples are want to be a friend on imo with the unknown name. So aware form adding unknown people.
  4. Please do not download imo without authorizing sites such as google play store and the organization's official website.
  5. Without authorized download; your data could be stolen. So always download the imo software from the authorized download.

At the Conclusion about the imo free video calls and chat:

Peoples always like to make the video call with her/his friends and family members. So download Imo free video calls & chat and communicate with others. But every imo user should always try to abide by the user instructions. Thanks a lot to read our origination's official website visiting.

To download the app for android click image below...
download imo free video calls and chat

Imo Version History:

There is an update version of imo is now available. And from now, we will share all version of imo. Because some of our visitors are requested us to upload and share the old version imo with the latest version imo. They say "Old is Gold!" :)



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